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We know from experience that a trader is only strong, if his or her team is strong. Working together, exchanging knowledge, trading in one open space gives us both inspiration and measurable gains.

In the end, we only succeed, if our traders succeed. That’s why the traders and trader needs are so important to us. That’s what pushes us to work hard every day on strategies and profit stability for our traders.



  • Working in a professional trading room
  • Trade the prop firms capital
  • Initial access to USD 75k BP
  • Equity grows up to USD 500k BP with experience
  • High payout
  • Professional trading workstations
  • DMA (Direct Market Access) - one of the best trading platforms out there
  • Direct stock-market access using ECN and Dark Pools
  • Daily assistance from experienced traders
  • Company scanner
  • Risk management support
  • You decide how much you earn




Day Trading Equity Market Certificate

Get the Day Trading Equity Market Certificate (DTEMC) through a Professional Day Trader Workshop and join our trading room. The Workshop is an intensive in house course that will get you up to speed on the trader’s job. Its programme has been developed for the ambitious prop trader candidates.

Practical workshop syllabus:

  • 420 hours of live trading side-by-side with an experienced trader
  • Monday-Friday 3:00-10:00pm, i.e. during NYSE trading hours helping you gain practical trading skills
  • Trading on the professional DMA platform (Direct Market Access) with access to NYSE and NASDAQ
  • Day trading strategies
  • Technical analysis
  • Tape reading analysis using Market Depth (L2) and Time and Sales (TAS)
  • Effective equity selection using stock-market scanners
  • Boosting effectiveness with Price Action/Volume/Order Flow
  • Learning to boost efficiency with Risk Management
  • Mental training and sessions with trading psychologist
  • Drafting a trading plan: Consistency/Control/Equity Selection

There is absolutely no need of any previous stock-market trading experience to join us. Our team’s experience and the carefully developed training programme take care of getting anyone ready for equity market trading skill. The programme will help you acquire practical skills of systematic profit making that you’ll then be able to successfully leverage on the world’s stock markets.

Join us and start trading prop firms capital today.

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Phone: +48 500 128 097


  • Trading in a trading room allows you to learn from the best.
  • Trading in a trading room helps you learn quickly and get better results due to working with more experienced traders.
  • We work with worldwide trading leaders.
  • We guarantee the best and most affordable trading conditions.
  • Our goal is to boost your profits. The daily support, the briefings and the analyses among experienced traders are intended to help achieve that goal.

Do you want to see our trading room? You wonder what a professional Wall Street trader job is like?

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